A new aviary

A few months ago I took over two budgies. The previous owner didn’t want to keep them, because her cat showed too much interest in them.

I had budgies before and was really excited when it was time to pick them up.

They are two beautiful girls and we named them

Wingardium & Leviosa

You see what we did there??? 😉

For those of you that are not into Harry Potter … Wingardium Leviosa is a charm to make things levitate.

Martin had the idea to name them that since I’m extremely into Harry Potter. He’s a smart one 🙂

So, Wingardium & Leviosa had one of these super high but narrow cages. They were barely moving, always fighting for the highest spot.

So I decided to build them an indoor aviary. But not just any. I wanted one that is special and also looks good in our kitchen/living area. Strolling around on Pinterest, I found those gorgeous aviaries, made out of old cabinets/wardrobes.

That was what I wanted!

It turned out, that it was not too easy to find the right one since I had pretty precise wishes. And like always, I didn’t want to spend much money.

It took a few weeks, but then finally, Martin found something on Facebook Marketplace. It was beautiful and we got it for 750kr (ca 75€)

And then the creative part began.

First, we did cut out the middle wall. Not as easy as it sounds when you don’t have professional equipment.

After sanding all edges, I painted the inside in a greyish blue tone.

Martins dad helped us to cut out the middle parts of the doors where we would fasten the chicken wire.

And when all this was done, I could finally move on to my favorite part. The interior!

Early on in the planning process, I got this idea to have an empty frame on the wall, with a swing hanging in there. So it would look like the birds are a painting when they sit on the swing.

Well, I mounted the swing different as planned, but I’d say I nailed it 🙂

In the middle of the aviary, we fastened a part of a birch, that we took from our summerhouse garden.

Even though until then, the birds were not too adventurous, I wanted them to have a big variety of sitting spots and toys.

And now I’m happy about that.

Since they moved in a few weeks ago, they transformed into completely different birds. They are curious and cheeky. Some mornings when I get ready for work, they sit by the door, yelling at me to open it because they want to fly. Their flying skills improved a lot!

They also use the whole aviary, exploring every single corner in there. Nibbling on everything (something they NEVER did before)

I’m so happy they love it as much as I do!


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