May 2019

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere,and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.

Last spring we ordered inflatable kayaks on Amazon. The model is called "Challenger K1". I did some kayaking year ago with friends and always really enjoyed it. But regular kayaks are a bit commitment. You need space to store them. They... Continue Reading →

Romantic garden

Do you have old jars? Doesn't matter what size... I had a LOT of them. We're big in recycling here in Sweden, but right before I was about to chuck them out, I saw this cute idea. Somewhere on the... Continue Reading →

They see me rollin’

Small addition in the "bathroom" in our summerhouse... Inspiration was found on Pinterest. I made the designs just simply in Word. The frames I bought from a second hand store here in Lund. (Erikshjälpen)  

A new aviary

A few months ago I took over two budgies. The previous owner didn't want to keep them, because her cat showed too much interest in them. I had budgies before and was really excited when it was time to pick... Continue Reading →

Mirror,Mirror on the wall…

The ugly cupboard that was hanging in the kitchen of our summerhouse, had to go! "No problem" I thought...I'll just take that down and paint the wall... Believe me when I tell you, that there was nothing simple about that.... Continue Reading →

Before & After

There was no bathroom in the summerhouse... "Sooo, where did you go to pee then?" you may think...Yeah well! Here in Sweden there is something called "utedass". An outhouse with a bucket. It was okay for some time, but it... Continue Reading →

My Hair Journey

  My hair... I'm blessed with really thick hair. It's also growing super fast. Being so fortunate, made it possible for me to experiment a bit with it. I like to change the length and colour of my hair. For... Continue Reading →

Before & After

Like the rest of the house, the bedroom needed a small makeover. Just a bit to make it cozy. We are still on the hunt for fitting mattresses, but we're patient. 🙂  

Banksy’s Home Sweet Home

Last December, we went on vacation to Amsterdam. Loved the city! But what made the biggest impression on me was the Mocco Museum. A museum of modern art. Incredible Artist and a big part of the exhibition are art pieces... Continue Reading →

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