Attracted by the amazing cover, I couldn't resist when I saw this book in the library. Published 2011, 637 pages, written by Brian Selznick. It's almost magical, how he managed to use both, words and illustrations, to tell two sides... Continue Reading →

100 Nasty Women Of History

This book is for all of us. Strong women are not a new thing. There were always those badass women. But there's never been enough talking about them. This book tells you the story of all these fearless women. Women... Continue Reading →

Animals make us human

Another book written by Temple Grandin (and Catherine Johnson) that I couldn't put away until it finished it. Temple Grandin has the ability to see the animals needs with totally different eyes than most people do. For me as someone... Continue Reading →

A little help to find back in all these fantastic worlds

I love books! All different kinds...I love to sink in a good story. Let the story completely get me. Kind of feel like I'm in a completely different world...but sometimes I have to come back to the real world.  And... Continue Reading →

Thinking in pictures

I'm sitting in the library, actually to read my Swedish book to practice my swedish. But I needed a break and while wandering through the shelves full of awesome books, I stumbled over this one. Since I worked with autists... Continue Reading →

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