April 2016

“A bookshelf is a biography written by others”

I have all these books...collected over the be honest, I'm addicted. It's terrible. What many people have with bags and shoes, happens to me with books and makeup. These books had to wait in boxes for some time. We... Continue Reading →

Be our guest, be our guest…

 We're  having guests pretty often. Friends, family and people we just met. We like to open our place for other people. It's usually a lot of fun and the funniest and craziest things happen.  Last time we had a band... Continue Reading →

Fight the chaos…

I'm a chaotic person. I leave everything right where I used it. And I mean literally EVERYTHING... It's almost annoying, considering that I'm a grownup. But sometimes I try to fight my demons and organize my chaos. This project was... Continue Reading →

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