Chicken are messy. And they eat a lot! We started with a simple feeder that is open. But the ladies kept on tipping it over and then refused to eat what touched the ground. Ridiculous!
I think we wasted two thirds of the food in the beginning.

So I started searching the internet for smart ideas to solve this issue. I found a lot of fantastic ideas. Quickly I made the decision to go with a fairly simple model. I bought a big plastic box with a lid. And then also two pieces of plastic pipes (the corner pieces) like they are used for waste water.

The openings for the pipes I melted in. I’ve tried on previous projects to cut holes into plastic which always lead to cracks in places I didn’t want them.
The pipe pieces had to just fit through. With some silicone I tightened everything around the pipes. This had to dry for at least four days to ensure that it is completely tight and doesn’t let in any moisture.

Don’t mind my super serious focus face…

I decided to leave it for a little more than a week to also air out the plastic smell. After that I filled it with the pellets my ladies eat. I almost fit the whole bag in which is fantastic. Since our chicken are very tall , I build a stand out of
bricks so they can eat comfortably. They still spill some food, but not nearly as much as before.


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