A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. – Unknown

I while ago, I built a nice aviary for our two budgies “Wingardium” and “Leviosa”.

A new aviary

But they prefer to sit on their playground that hangs from the ceiling. We don’t see why we should lock them in their aviary unless we are away for a longer period of time and have someone else looking after them. So the doors of their “wardrobe” are always open.

They have to go in there for food and water and they like to sit in there for their special UV-Lamp.

Month ago, we made a new small playground that we mounted on the wall to motivate them to fly around a bit more. Most time of the day, they just sit in one spot. It took them WEEKS for them to find the courage to approach the new playground. They are very insecure.

One weekend, sitting in our summerhouse garden, Martin had the idea to take one of the small birch trees home and mount it on top of the birds aviary. Just to give them a slightly more natural living space.

We expected them to be scared of it for a long time considering that it’s a huge new object.

But they proved us wrong. Already the very next day, they started to approach it. They were a bit clumsy though, trying to land on the thin branches on the outside. They looked slightly surprised when the branches bent down. those two still have to work on their confidence. 🙂

It might seem a bit silly, but we were so happy, seeing them act like normal birds. Sitting. Exploring. Climbing. Nibbeling.

They are so much more active since we put it up there.


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