February 2016

Take your candle and light the world…

I still had this really cute cup that I wanted to do something with. I collected some candle stumps and cut them in small pieces. Then melted them in the microwave. In the meantime I placed the wick in the... Continue Reading →

Pure fascination

There are all these DIY projects on YouTube. One of them we tried out today. We made a small Hologram Prisma for the Ipad. Out of a piece of transparent plastic. We cut out four trapeze and taped them together.... Continue Reading →

Chalkboardchallenge 2.0

It's one of these days...these days where you feel like you should change the world...or at least your chalkboard.  These last days I spent some time on Pinterest, searching for inspiration and found a lot of cute stuff.  I have... Continue Reading →

Baked with love

It was time to show Paula some love. With "Leberwurstkeksen". She goes crazy just by smelling them and it's an easy thing to do. You just mix all the ingredients and make cookies out of it. I chose the dogs,... Continue Reading →

You can plant a dream…

...said Anne Campbell. And we try to. My boyfriend already talked about making a plantwall when we started seeing each other. Now that I moved in, we brought some things in motion. One day last week we went to Hornbach... Continue Reading →

Transformation literally means going beyond your form…

...and I got a bit OUT of form. The reason why I absolutely don't fit in that top of an awesome band, I bought  once. Sad but true. Good that I have enough tops, but there's something that a woman... Continue Reading →

Memory in a bottle cap

Since I live in Sweden now, I'm recycling really serious. 🙂 And that lead to me having these bottle caps in hand again... There must be something better to do with them than throwing them away. And then I had... Continue Reading →

Let’s paint the world black and white

These are only examples for the paintings I like to give away as personal gifts.All I need for that is •canvas •black paint (I like mat ones)  •brushes in different sizes (outlines and bigger areas) •a regular pen •a picture... Continue Reading →

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