Selfie Station

My youngest sister got married. I was allowed to fix some decorations, since she's not crazy into that, while I LOVE it! Both, my sister and her fiance are gamers. They love spending their spare time on their computers. And... Continue Reading →

A new aviary

A few months ago I took over two budgies. The previous owner didn't want to keep them, because her cat showed too much interest in them. I had budgies before and was really excited when it was time to pick... Continue Reading →

Be our guest, be our guest…

 We're  having guests pretty often. Friends, family and people we just met. We like to open our place for other people. It's usually a lot of fun and the funniest and craziest things happen.  Last time we had a band... Continue Reading →

Get your booty on the floor tonight!

I think it happens to each one of us...that one song that you hear somewhere and then it follows you for the rest of the day. In Germany we call it "ohrwurm"... And mostly I only know a part of... Continue Reading →

Chalkboard challenge

When I moved in here, I was amazed to live in an apartment that is so awesome now. But there was one thing, that needed some help...the chalkboard in the hallway. It's was created by my boyfriend...very practical... So I... Continue Reading →

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