March 2016

Keep your head in the clouds

New month, new chalkboard design... I always try to draw something on it that inspires us. That gets us in a good mood and motivates us whenever we leave the house or come home. For April, it's the message to... Continue Reading →

Animals make us human

Another book written by Temple Grandin (and Catherine Johnson) that I couldn't put away until it finished it. Temple Grandin has the ability to see the animals needs with totally different eyes than most people do. For me as someone... Continue Reading →

A little help to find back in all these fantastic worlds

I love books! All different kinds...I love to sink in a good story. Let the story completely get me. Kind of feel like I'm in a completely different world...but sometimes I have to come back to the real world.  And... Continue Reading →

Thinking in pictures

I'm sitting in the library, actually to read my Swedish book to practice my swedish. But I needed a break and while wandering through the shelves full of awesome books, I stumbled over this one. Since I worked with autists... Continue Reading →

The eyes are the windows of the soul…


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