January 2016

Get your booty on the floor tonight!

I think it happens to each one of us...that one song that you hear somewhere and then it follows you for the rest of the day. In Germany we call it "ohrwurm"... And mostly I only know a part of... Continue Reading →

Last damn night

Today I had some serious business to do! Cleaning the apartment...not my favourite thing to do but since I'm a messy person, very necessary. And nothing helps more than some good music. I got a lot of help from Elle... Continue Reading →

Strapped on

It's a long time ago that I did this. I bought my Canon EOS and got that really boring strap with it. Too short to wear it diagonally over my shoulder and just not what I wanted. So I cut... Continue Reading →

A little bit

As you can tell after that post, I like to listen to woman with strong voices. Today's song is • "a little bit" by Sofi de la Torre Listen to it, sing along to it and dance like nobody is... Continue Reading →

Baby can I hold you tonight

My taste in music is very broad. And lately I like it pretty calm. Favourite song for today: • "Baby can I hold you tonight" by Tracy Chapman Listen to it, sing along to it and dance like nobody is... Continue Reading →

Grandma, what big ears you have!

A few years ago I started to stretch my ears. Now I'm at 14mm and stick with it. One day I decided to create my own jewelry with fimo clay that I first work through with my hands to make... Continue Reading →

When it’s your sisters’ birthday, come up with something good

I love my sister. And my sister loves me. And cats! Yes, she's a crazy catlady...and a gamer!  🙂  So I decided to make something special for her cats that fits to my sisters other interests. It was not my... Continue Reading →

Chalkboard challenge

When I moved in here, I was amazed to live in an apartment that is so awesome now. But there was one thing, that needed some help...the chalkboard in the hallway. It's was created by my boyfriend...very practical... So I... Continue Reading →

Planned for so long…

Over a year ago I found these insanely pretty porcelain plates and a lovely cup. I immediately knew that I want to make my own Etagere out of it.  Haven't gotten around to do it until now...over a year Continue Reading →

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