Month: August 2020

The “new” secretary

We remodeled the guestroom a bit. It’s a tiny room. But now tthere’s (somehow) room for a secretary. I’ve ALWAYS wanted one. So I started searching online for cheap used ones and of course in our local thriftshops. I was a bit restricted by… Continue Reading “The “new” secretary”

Chalkboard art

After we bought our summerhouse I made a little chalkboard out of an old mirror. Right after that I wrote with chalk “Home sweet home” on it and that’s what it said until now. Now I found nice chalk markers. So it was time… Continue Reading “Chalkboard art”

Snail Home

For the first few weeks, the snails lived in a big transparent utility box. It is really convenient since it is easy to keep the humidity up. But it doesn’t really look good and it’s not nice to observe them. I had many ideas… Continue Reading “Snail Home”

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