Recharging my batteries between pigs, hens and seedlings.

Here in Sweden, it is Easter break. I took the week off. There’s a lot to do to prepare the garden for summer and I needed a break. At work, we had some deadlines and intense projects. First off I got sick of course, but now I’m having the best time. The other day we had proper spring weather. I was in our garden all day long. And as I sit there, I realize how happy I am. Happy about where and how I live. Happy about being surrounded by all our animals. Happy about how my life is going. it is so easy to get lost in these everyday worries. of course, there are things that are challenging and annoying, but all in all, I’m so damn lucky.

I was sitting in the middle of the pigs’ enclosure in the sun. On the floor, trying to bond with them. They are not scared or anything. They come right away running when we enter their enclosure, but I want them to fully trust me so it will be easier to handle them when it is necessary. For example when they are sick and need a vet or when we have to cut their claws.

They are so cute. Just sitting there with them slows everything down. Makes me stop thinking about all the millions of things my mind manages to worry about.

By now they sometimes lay down next to me and let me pet their soft bellies. It’s my favorite thing.

And then I got up and saw the chicken sunbathing in the plant beds we filled with fresh soil to get them ready for the vegetables. I’m so grateful for all of this.

Moving to the countryside was the best thing we could do. I love it.

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