February 2017

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love~Hubert H. Humphrey

It's been a week now...a week without my old girl...a week since we let her go... I've been with her, I held her until she took her last breathe. When the vet said that her heart stopped...that she's gone, my... Continue Reading →

Essence Camouflage Makeup&Concealer

Another recently purchased foundation... I was very tempted by the really low price and the name "camouflage". Nevertheless, I had realistic expectations considering the price.  This foundation has a "normal" consistency. So I might say you can apply it with... Continue Reading →

ELF Flawless Finish Foundation

I realized that I have quite a lot foundations. So I thought, why not write down what I think about them. I like to read about other people's opinions about foundations I plan to buy.  So how the title says,... Continue Reading →

Fools hate knowledge 

...said Joseph Heller. And I definitely don't want to be a fool. I'm not a person that has New Years resolutions, but this one feels right.  So, what am I talking about? About my "Project Knowledge". This year I want... Continue Reading →


My first makeup related blog post. But makeup is a big part in my life. So it's about time. 🙂  First of all: I'm not a pro...all I do works fine for me and I do it as good as... Continue Reading →

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