Month: October 2021

Design your own candle

I love love love candlelight. I think there’s nothing cozier. I investigated a little on Pinterest and YouTube to find out how you can design your own candle. In an uncomplicated way. For this technique, I’m simply using a napkin with a pretty design. I cut the part out that I want… Continue Reading “Design your own candle”

Appreciation and achievement

Dreams are wonderful. Dream big! But I also think that it is important to hold in and appreciate what you’ve achieved so far. I don’t like to always reach for the next higher goal or next challenge. What for, if you won’t take the time… Continue Reading “Appreciation and achievement”


Brahmas is the name for the breed of chicken I chose. I think they are awesome! Right after the “Jersey Giant”, Brahma is the biggest chicken breed there is. But despite their size, they are calm and gentle giants. The hens usually weigh around… Continue Reading “Brahmas”

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