Stimulating our mini pigs

We recently adopted two mini pigs. Ester and Doris. They are super cute and we want them to be as happy as possible.

Here with us they live outdoors with a little sleep house where they are dry and safe from wind and cold. To make their bed they get straw and hay.

I like to let them fix their house themselves since this is already stimulating their brains. . It’s the cutest thing how they take a snout full of hay and straw and carry it into their house just in the right spot. They can spend quite some time with that.

Another thing that I turned into some enrichment was an old cable roll that we had at home. Over the ends, I simply screwed some wood that I had laying in the workshop. Now there are a few holes left where I can fill in their food. When they roll the cable roll, the food is falling out. Doris understood very fast how it goes. Ester thinks this is way too much effort for that little bit of food…

And another “Leftover-DIY” is this here. I just used some wood, a metal pole that I took from last years’ mini greenhouse that didn’t survive one of our storms and some empty water bottles.

I melted holes in the water bottles that are a little bit bigger than the metal pole so they would spin on the pole. Filled with treats, the pigs need to spin the bottles to make the treats fall out.

We’re still working on that part. Their current attempts are simply trying to bite holes in the bottles. They will figure it out eventually. πŸ™‚

Previously bought for our dog, we still had this puzzle toy at home. This is an easy way to stimulate a pig without the need to craft anything.

These are a few examples of what we do to enrich our pigs’ environment. I’m constantly out and about the world wide web to look for inspiration and there’s so much to find. πŸ™‚

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