Month: March 2022


Chicken are messy. And they eat a lot! We started with a simple feeder that is open. But the ladies kept on tipping it over and then refused to eat what touched the ground. Ridiculous! I think we wasted two thirds of the food… Continue Reading “Chickenfeeder”

Little farmhelpers

Our plan is to have some kind of cycle making our little farm work. Everything and everyone plays a role in our personal “Käringahus ecosystem”. The chicken are first of all cute, then we use their poop as fertilizer and we eat their eggs.… Continue Reading “Little farmhelpers”

Mini pigs that are not so mini

Something happened. 🙂 We adopted two mini pigs! Everyone that met them so far or has seen pictures, is surprised about them being so big. Yeah well…that’s because of false advertisement that many people fall for. Pigs grow until they are up to four… Continue Reading “Mini pigs that are not so mini”

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