Month: April 2022

Favorite places

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash With the weather getting better, the days being brighter and longer, my creativity awakens again. It’s like waking up from hibernation. I’m looking around in our garden and have so many ideas for little projects. This one here,… Continue Reading “Favorite places”

Stimulating our mini pigs

We recently adopted two mini pigs. Ester and Doris. They are super cute and we want them to be as happy as possible. Here with us they live outdoors with a little sleep house where they are dry and safe from wind and cold.… Continue Reading “Stimulating our mini pigs”

Recharging my batteries between pigs, hens and seedlings.

Here in Sweden, it is Easter break. I took the week off. There’s a lot to do to prepare the garden for summer and I needed a break. At work, we had some deadlines and intense projects. First off I got sick of course,… Continue Reading “Recharging my batteries between pigs, hens and seedlings.”

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