I’m always lurking around in the fabric section of my favorite secondhand store “Erikshjälpen”. There you always find those cute little crochet tablecloth which are (at least in my imagination) handcrafted by nice old ladies.

For their actual purpose, they are a bit too oldschool for our home, but I really wanted to figure something out where I can use it in some way. Strolling through our shed in the summerhouse, I found a few meters of thick metal thread. Really thick one. Probably aroud 1.5 to 2 cm. The way it was stored, inspired me. It was rolled up hanging on the wall.

Why not make my very own dreamcatcher??

I bought a round crochet tablecloth that looks like a flower for 35sek. All I needed for this was that, the metal thread, hemp string in the same color as the table piece and some old white fabric.

I made a big ring out of the metal, approximately 15-20cm bigger than the tablecloth. Then I cut the white fabric in stripes and wrapped it around it to cover the metal.

Next step was cutting the hempstring into 30-40cm long pieces. Those are used to fix the tablecloth in the middle of the ring. I started on one side and then continued on the opposite side to make sure it ends up centered. When I was satisfied, I tightened it well.

Done with that, I felt it was too plain. So I used some acrylic paint to color in certain areas, blending the color smoothly.

It hangs now in our bedroom. Around the ring, I wrapped a fairy light, which gives a beautiful soothing light. Lets see if it also keeps away some bad dreams.

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