A new bookshelf

The old bookshelf we made was too small. Maybe a reason to stop buying books…


Won’t happen. I know that it is oh so convenient to use one of the numerous ebook readers. But you can just simply not compare it to having a book in your hand. Feel the paper, flipping pages…I love that.

Instead, my incredibly handy boyfriend was building a whole new bookshelf for me including a foam reading bed. The foam part he got at his old work, where it was going to be thrown away.

I didn’t help much during the building process on this project. My part came when it was time to sort books and decorate everything. Like adding the lighting and the mandala. I used acrylic pencils for the mandala.

I spend some time, checking through all my books and to find the right spot for each one of them. And I enjoyed every minute 🙂

I should become a librarian…

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