Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere,and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.

Last spring we ordered inflatable kayaks on Amazon. The model is called “Challenger K1”.

I did some kayaking year ago with friends and always really enjoyed it. But regular kayaks are a bit commitment.

You need space to store them.

They cost a lost of money.

You need something to transport them to the water with.

And so on.

That hustle of getting it to water would probably lead to us barely using it in our little spare time we have together.

And while checking out our options, we found those. They are easy to pack and unpack. Both of them easily fit in our little VW UP! and that means something. The price was with close to 70€ a lot more affordable than normal kayaks.

They get delivered with a hand pump. It takes 10min tops to pump up all parts you need.

I’m 182cm tall and have very wide hips, but I fit in. It is tight around my bottom, but it is totally fine. When you’re taller than that, it could get a bit problematic to fit your legs though.

It is easy to steer and to move forward with it. It feels really steady.

I’d say my expectations got exceeded.

Last summer we’ve got to use them quite a bit. First time we tried it all by ourselves, since our dog Mimi really hates swimming. I wanted to make sure, that I’m good in handling the kayak before we take her with us to minimise the risk of her falling in.

It went surprisingly well! And so after a while we picked her up. In the beginning she wasn’t a fan. But after a few minutes, she adapted. It was such a good feeling to be out on the water as a family.

At one point, Mimi even took a nap on my kayak. The times we were out on a huge lake close to our summerhouse, were the most relaxing hours the whole summer. Just enjoying our time together as a couple in nature.

We now even thinking about getting a Double Seater (Challenger K2) for guests as well. Would be fun to go kayaking with friends. I keep you updated. 🙂

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