Garden dresser

There are endlessly many great ideas for DIY Projects on Pinterest.

Especially now that we have the summerhouse with that gorgeous little wild garden, I can’t stop looking for inspiration there…

One of those inspirations was a little dresser, that someone just put in the garden and planted herbs in.

The search at Erikshjälpen and on Blocket began. It took quite a while to find the right one for not much money.

One day, the right one was there. For 200 kr (20€). YAY

First I wanted to keep it just like that, but I changed my mind. GOLD seemed to be the perfect choice. When I was done with the painting, I was too impatient to wait for my boyfriend, so I carried it out all by myself.

Outside, I filled half of the drawers with soil and plants. I only used plants, I already had growing in my garden.

The mirror was another piece I found on the attic. Combined with a white marker for glass surfaces, you can create beautiful things.

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