Collaborative Artwork to promote diversity

Working with Children, it is very important to me to help them become self-steered, educated and open-minded adults. Especially with the current situation in our world, I’m trying to bring it into the activities I plan for them.

In this weeks’ art lesson, we made a collaborative piece of art. I found the printable on “teachers pay teachers”. It is a quote from Dr. Seuss. And I feel like it sums up what I try to teach my students every day.

Every student worked on their individual piece and used the colors and techniques they prefer. In the end we put everything together.

In the beginning they worried that it won’t fit together when they don’t use the same colors and pencils.

But when we put it together they realized, that the diversity made it specifically pretty. Which was exactly the point of this activity. Proud teacher!

It’s almost the end of this academic year. We decided to give this piece to the our PYP6. They graduate and will go over to the MiddleYearsProgramme. This message will be a decoration for their graduation party and hopefully inspire them in the future.

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