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The “new” secretary

We remodeled the guestroom a bit. It’s a tiny room. But now tthere’s (somehow) room for a secretary. I’ve ALWAYS wanted one. So I started searching online for cheap used ones and of course in our local thriftshops. I was a bit restricted by… Continue Reading “The “new” secretary”

Little fairy garden

We went to visit Martins family. They live further up north on this georgeous farm. Whenever we’re there, we like to stroll through the barn where they store all the old things left from previous generations. I love to do that. All those things… Continue Reading “Little fairy garden”

Impressions of Secondhand treasures

Just a few impressions of corners in our house that make me happy. None of those things were expensive. They were either given to us, bought secondhand, built by us or picked in our garden. Most pieces have a history. Now they make me… Continue Reading “Impressions of Secondhand treasures”

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