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Get your booty on the floor tonight!

I think it happens to each one of us…that one song that you hear somewhere and then it follows you for the rest of the day. In Germany we call it “ohrwurm”… And mostly I only know a part of the lyrics so I… Continue Reading “Get your booty on the floor tonight!”

Last damn night

Today I had some serious business to do! Cleaning the apartment…not my favourite thing to do but since I’m a messy person, very necessary. And nothing helps more than some good music. I got a lot of help from Elle King today. Love her… Continue Reading “Last damn night”

A little bit

As you can tell after that post, I like to listen to woman with strong voices. Today’s song is • “a little bit” by Sofi de la Torre Listen to it, sing along to it and dance like nobody is watching. •••••• Wie vermutlich… Continue Reading “A little bit”

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