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Snail Home

For the first few weeks, the snails lived in a big transparent utility box. It is really convenient since it is easy to keep the humidity up. But it doesn’t really look good and it’s not nice to observe them. I had many ideas… Continue Reading “Snail Home”

Snail Mix Recipe

Some might think this post will be about a delicious escargo dish for humans… Sorry, but no. 🙂 I’m super into the whole being a snail owner thing right now. Apparently they have certain favorite foods. There are things they love to eat and… Continue Reading “Snail Mix Recipe”

My little zoo…

I would if I could. Have a zoo I mean. I love taking care of animals. Observing them. Getting to know them and create a environment that they are happy and strive in. Many people have their opinions to my passion for animals, but… Continue Reading “My little zoo…”

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