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Let’s paint the world black and white

These are only examples for the paintings I like to give away as personal gifts.All I need for that is •canvas •black paint (I like mat ones)  •brushes in different sizes (outlines and bigger areas) •a regular pen •a picture of the motiv •additional:… Continue Reading “Let’s paint the world black and white”

Strapped on

It’s a long time ago that I did this. I bought my Canon EOS and got that really boring strap with it. Too short to wear it diagonally over my shoulder and just not what I wanted. So I cut the old one apart… Continue Reading “Strapped on”

Chalkboard challenge

When I moved in here, I was amazed to live in an apartment that is so awesome now. But there was one thing, that needed some help…the chalkboard in the hallway. It’s was created by my boyfriend…very practical… So I started my research on… Continue Reading “Chalkboard challenge”

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