Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. ~ Boyd K. Packer

When we bought this little summerhouse, there was this old picnictable standing in the garden. My first impulse was: " We can throw that one out right away:" But what can I grew on me. And then we kept... Continue Reading →

As a rule of thumb, I would say the smaller the pond, the more belligerent the fish. ~ Craig Brown

A few weeks ago, I made this post about the mini-pond I set up in our little wild garden. Promising an update. So here it is! The pond is thriving! The swimming water plants didnt make it, but the ones... Continue Reading →

Let’s get cozy

The bedroom is still in progress, but Tuesday we finally bought proper mattresses. It only took us about a year 😊 Today I fixed one of the walls. I hung one of the mirrors there that we found in the... Continue Reading →

Selfie Station

My youngest sister got married. I was allowed to fix some decorations, since she's not crazy into that, while I LOVE it! Both, my sister and her fiance are gamers. They love spending their spare time on their computers. And... Continue Reading →

“A bookshelf is a biography written by others”

I have all these books...collected over the be honest, I'm addicted. It's terrible. What many people have with bags and shoes, happens to me with books and makeup. These books had to wait in boxes for some time. We... Continue Reading →

A little help to find back in all these fantastic worlds

I love books! All different kinds...I love to sink in a good story. Let the story completely get me. Kind of feel like I'm in a completely different world...but sometimes I have to come back to the real world.  And... Continue Reading →

Take your candle and light the world…

I still had this really cute cup that I wanted to do something with. I collected some candle stumps and cut them in small pieces. Then melted them in the microwave. In the meantime I placed the wick in the... Continue Reading →

You can plant a dream…

...said Anne Campbell. And we try to. My boyfriend already talked about making a plantwall when we started seeing each other. Now that I moved in, we brought some things in motion. One day last week we went to Hornbach... Continue Reading →

Transformation literally means going beyond your form…

...and I got a bit OUT of form. The reason why I absolutely don't fit in that top of an awesome band, I bought  once. Sad but true. Good that I have enough tops, but there's something that a woman... Continue Reading →

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