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Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. ~ Boyd K. Packer

When we bought this little summerhouse, there was this old picnictable standing in the garden. My first impulse was: " We can throw that one out right away:" But what can I grew on me. And then we kept... Continue Reading →

Fight the chaos…

I'm a chaotic person. I leave everything right where I used it. And I mean literally EVERYTHING... It's almost annoying, considering that I'm a grownup. But sometimes I try to fight my demons and organize my chaos. This project was... Continue Reading →

Let’s paint the world black and white

These are only examples for the paintings I like to give away as personal gifts.All I need for that is •canvas •black paint (I like mat ones)  •brushes in different sizes (outlines and bigger areas) •a regular pen •a picture... Continue Reading →

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