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Recharging my batteries between pigs, hens and seedlings.

Here in Sweden, it is Easter break. I took the week off. There’s a lot to do to prepare the garden for summer and I needed a break. At work, we had some deadlines and intense projects. First off I got sick of course,… Continue Reading “Recharging my batteries between pigs, hens and seedlings.”


Brahmas is the name for the breed of chicken I chose. I think they are awesome! Right after the “Jersey Giant”, Brahma is the biggest chicken breed there is. But despite their size, they are calm and gentle giants. The hens usually weigh around… Continue Reading “Brahmas”

What is a farm without chicken?

For so so many years I’ve been wanting chicken. About ten years ago I visited an animal park in Germany. “Arche Warder”. There they breed old breeds of farm animals. Those that don’t get held anymore because they are not “productive” enough for our… Continue Reading “What is a farm without chicken?”

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