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Keep your head in the clouds

New month, new chalkboard design… I always try to draw something on it that inspires us. That gets us in a good mood and motivates us whenever we leave the house or come home. For April, it’s the message to dream and reach high… Continue Reading “Keep your head in the clouds”

Chalkboardchallenge 2.0

It’s one of these days…these days where you feel like you should change the world…or at least your chalkboard.  These last days I spent some time on Pinterest, searching for inspiration and found a lot of cute stuff.  I have to say, that it’s… Continue Reading “Chalkboardchallenge 2.0”

Chalkboard challenge

When I moved in here, I was amazed to live in an apartment that is so awesome now. But there was one thing, that needed some help…the chalkboard in the hallway. It’s was created by my boyfriend…very practical… So I started my research on… Continue Reading “Chalkboard challenge”

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