Mirror,Mirror on the wall…

The ugly cupboard that was hanging in the kitchen of our summerhouse, had to go!

“No problem” I thought…I’ll just take that down and paint the wall…

Believe me when I tell you, that there was nothing simple about that. The previous owner used the craziest techniques to make sure this cupboard is hanging there FOREVER!

The wall might have gotten damaged slightly. So I walked through the house, looking for ideas how to cover the problem for now.

Hm…the old mirror, not pretty enough to stay like that anyway…


Going through all the bits of paint we have left from different projects helped to figure it out. I used the paint that I had left from painting the furniture, to refresh the frame.

And some chalkboard paint to cover the mirror. Done



Before & After

There was no bathroom in the summerhouse…

“Sooo, where did you go to pee then?” you may think…Yeah well! Here in Sweden there is something called “utedass”. An outhouse with a bucket. It was okay for some time, but it turned into a problem for me when I had to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. The house is surrounded by forest…it’s almost pitch black…

Quite a while, we were looking for affordable compost toilets. And then we found one up close Gothenburg. It is a great and sustainable alternative to a water toilet.

We then decided to use the small storage/washing room that connects the part of the house we live in with the part that is used as shed.


I just simply took everything down they left in there and painted the room. On our vacation in Athens, we found a metal water tank to hang on the wall. Our plan is to fill this with water and build a simple sink connected to a 5 l canister to collect the water. That would be enough for us to wash our hands in.


The shelf to hold the tank, Martin built out of wood he found in the attic. I’m going to sew a small curtain to hide the canister.

No more going out in the dark, cold and creepy night 🙂

My Hair Journey


My hair… I’m blessed with really thick hair. It’s also growing super fast. Being so fortunate, made it possible for me to experiment a bit with it. I like to change the length and colour of my hair.

For many years, I had very long hair. Mainly because I felt like that’s the best way to look and feel female and attractive. Today I know, that’s rubbish.

People constantly mentioned how beautiful my hair is. I felt pretty but also pretty reduced. So I kept asking myself “What if I cut it off?” I mean…it’s just hair after all.

So one day ( I think I was 23 or so) I went to a hair salon and told them to cut off my hair up to shoulder length. And you wouldn’t believe how I had to fight for that. I almost left to find another Salon to get it done.


“What a shame”

“Such beautiful hair”

“Are you sure you won’t regret that tomorrow?”



That made me want it even more. Since then I changed my hairstyle quite often.

Sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes natural (dark brown), sometimes purple, sometimes red. Here and there with fringe for a few weeks until I got annoyed by it.

My hair is very forgiving and I’m grateful for that. 🙂

About a year ago I did cut them quite short. Just a bit underneath my ears and I was the happiest.

But it came like it always does and I got bored. So the state right now is, that I let it grow out.

I don’t really want to give tips on how I dye or cut my hair, but I do both myself. Not anyhow close to professional. I’m just simply fearless when it comes to my own hair. Even if I wouldn’t like the outcome, I know it grows.


It doesn’t make you a different person. It might help you express certain things, but it doesn’t change your character.

It doesn’t define you as a woman. It’s what you have on the inside. And when you love yourself, you look gorgeous with long hair, a bob, a pixie or bold. And if you feel like a change, go for it! It’s your body.

Before & After

Like the rest of the house, the bedroom needed a small makeover.

Just a bit to make it cozy. We are still on the hunt for fitting mattresses, but we’re patient. 🙂

IMG_8479 (1)


Banksy’s Home Sweet Home

Last December, we went on vacation to Amsterdam. Loved the city!

But what made the biggest impression on me was the Mocco Museum. A museum of modern art.

Incredible Artist and a big part of the exhibition are art pieces of Banksy. For many years now I’m fascinated by street art. And Banksy is just eye opening.

There was this one piece hanging that I simply fell in love with. And I immediately saw myself going on the hunt for the perfect painting at Erikshjälpen. (Erikshjälpen is a big second hand store chain here in Sweden. You can find everything there!)

And I did find a painting. I paid 109kr (ca. 11€) for it.


I used acrylic paint, mixed with water to make it a bit runny. And then I tried to copy Banksy as good as possible.


I’m very pleased with the outcome and the fake Banksy is hanging in our kitchen since then.


The elephant foot

The previous owners left a lot of things in the house. One of those was a table in the living room that somehow did remind me of an elephant foot. and it was heavy as an elephant…

It totally didn’t fit to how we want the living room to look, but we also didn’t want to chuck it out since it is massive wood and seemed to be old craftsmanship. So we were brainstorming how we can rebuild it to reuse at least parts of it and keep that piece of history in the house where it belongs.

The tabletop was staying and we went out to find new feet for it to make it look less massive and give it a slightly modern touch. It was almost impossible to divide the foot from the top…it was made to last for eternity…

But Martin did it!


And under the tabletop, the craftsman that made this table put down his name and the year. We were so touched when we saw HOW old the table was. And unbelievably happy that we didn’t just simply chuck it out…


I used some gold spray paint I had left over from another project, to paint the feet of the new legs golden.

We were happy with the outcome and feel that we found a good compromise.


100 Nasty Women Of History

This book is for all of us.

Strong women are not a new thing. There were always those badass women. But there’s never been enough talking about them.

This book tells you the story of all these fearless women.

Women with incredible kill counts.

Women that were not shy to write and say dangerous things.

Women that fought and built empires.

Women that knew how to enjoy themselves.

And so much more.

Read the book and tell your friends and family and even the stranger next to you at the bus stop about those women. Spread the word.

Warning: Strong language is used 🙂




When you just know it

We love to go thrift shopping and on treasure hunt on flea markets.

One of those treasures was this stool. When I saw it, there was this spark…that spark that tells me that I should buy it. Sometimes I already know what it’s going to be then, but this time I had not the slightest idea.

The risk was not too big since the stool did only cost 25kr (ca 2,50€). So I took it with me.

Walking with it through the summerhouse, it was pretty fast clear to me what to with me. It was going to be a side table in the living room. With 3 layers of golden spray paint on the top and feet, it looked like new.


“If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.”-Robert De Niro

When we bought the house, the interior was… well… let’s say “functional”. One week after it was ours, I had a week of vacation that I spent in the house to make it more “Martin&Jenny”.

We wanted to reuse as much as possible. The previous owners left quite a bit of stuff. And most of it had potential. The old blue chairs that were used in that kitchen for many years until now, turned into nightstands in the bedroom.

Martin found old chairs on the attic. In very bad shape, but both of us saw what they can be when they get a little love.

And so I found myself sanding, painting and upholstering the chairs and the old bench. It was so much work, but absolutely satisfying.


The old table got a few layers of paint as well.


And there it almost looked like a brand new kitchen…


…but something seemed odd…

The WALLPAPER! Not my thing at all.

So, more painting. First, a base to assure that the actual color will cover properly. Then the blueish green paint. I was so happy with it. It was an intense week, but the changes were incredible without much money being spent.


The paint was a special offer at Rusta. The fabric was bought at Stoff&Stil. Here we chose one that had a good quality. We wanted it to fit the style of the house and last a while.






Summer of 2017…

A summer that made me feel like I’m a real adult. We bought a summerhouse. Not what some of you might have in mind. (A big house by the ocean with a white sand beach a backyard)

No, our summerhouse is a very swedish, red wooden house. It’s very rustic and that’s probably why we love it so much. The only luxury is, that it has power. So we can cook, we have light and a fridge.

If you’re someone that loves to shower every day, on the other hand, it could be difficult for you here. This house has no running water. We have a small stream right next to the house that we use for watering the plants, 20-liter tanks that we bring for cooking and a well in the garden that we will be able to use when we cleaned it properly.

It is as romantic as it can get and a mecca for people like Martin and me, that enjoy renovating and upcycle.

It is almost 200 years old and we said that we’re going to leave most of it just as it is and maintain. The interior we’re just changing on top of the original.

I can not describe how relaxed I am there. When I sit in the garden that is surrounded by a tiny stream and forest, I hear nothing but water, wind, and birds. Sometimes a deer (sometimes I tell myself that it could be a moose). It’s heavenly. After a stressful week in the city, there’s nothing better to refill the batteries than going to the summerhouse for a day or two and just nap, read, work in the garden and renovate.

I’m trying to catch up with posts about the things we fixed so far in the house.


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