Greenhouse Dreams

I’ve always wanted a greenhouse . But never really looked into it since I assumed it would be out of my financial possibility. Things changed when we bought our farm. With all this space and big plans we started researching.
We were looking for a big greenhouse that is uncomplicated and not too time consuming to assemble. And of course not too expensive. It was a long researching period. We found a website called
The prices were really low which made me
a little suspicious. But looking at it again and again, we decided to risk it.
Mid January we ordered the “AgronomRymlig”. It was the best choice within the price range we had in mind. The delivery took place after a week. Including an introduction on how you put all the parts together. But I wasn’t too nervous about that since we are both quite handy. My sambo already prepared a wooden frame. This has two purposes. One is to lift the height a few centimeter and the second is to make it storm safe.
The weekend after delivery we kept the Saturday free. In the morning we started with cutting the polycarbonate plastic parts to cover the short ends.

After that, the for me exciting part came. Mounting the frame. It was a lot easier and faster than we expected . . .

For lifting and fastening the big polycarbonate plastic sheets we needed some help.
The sections are 2,10m wide and over 5m long. So two extra pair of hands made it possible. All in all absolutely uncomplicated.

The tasks that took a moment longer were the doors and windows.
But it is possible to finish it all within one
day .
Now the really fun part starts. The interior. Five million ideas in mind and highly motivated to be ready to plant something in March.
I will keep you posted ! 🙂

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