Greenhouse priorities

One might think that it is most important to get the plantbeds into the greenhouse…Well, I have different priorities…I was thinking about a solution for sitting, relaxing and enjoying the view.

Last spring I built an outdoor couch out of old pallets.

Ordered fitting pillows and planned on

spending every morning during summer on it.

I didn’t plan for all the rainy days we’re having here in Skåne though. Every time it was raining we had to move the really big and heavy pillow into the bedroom. And I’m naturally quite lazy, so most of the time I “forgot” to bring them back outside for days.

So our solution is now to bring the pallet couch into the greenhouse. No rain in the greenhouse!

To make sure that it doesn’t rot away too fast, we had to build some kind of deck for it.

When we bought the house , we also bought this mysterious corner of the garden that contained several different kinds of building materials. And there we found huge beautiful flagstones.

I could see it right in front of me…and then came the practical part. Bringing the flagstones from one corner of our land to the other.


Half way through the project I hated my idea…

But then we were done and it looked great. Shame almost that most of it would be covered by the couch.

She’s no help, but at least she’s cute.

We’re far from done, but its going to be beautiful once we’re done. Big plans 🙂

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