Next step-Citizenship

I mentioned in a previous post that I changed my life drastically. And with that changes came also some achievements.
One of the things I was aiming for recently was Swedish citizenship.

A bit more than a year ago in October 2020 I filled in the application and transferred the application fee of 1500 kr. Already here you get the information that it can take up to 39 month ! ! ! to receive an answer.
I got a note that my application is registered and that I will be contacted if they need further information. The first few weeks I daily logged in on ” Migrationsverkets ” website to check if the status had changed. The first step was waiting for a case worker. After a while I checked once a week then sometimes every other week.

For one year nothing happened. Not even a case worker that looked at my application. Working in an international community I got the tip to send in a form to ‘Request to conclude my case” . You can send in this document one time during your application and earliest after six month of sending in your application.
So, all excited about this option, I printed the document, filled it in and sent the scanned version via email. I then got the reply then that they received my request.
And to my big surprise, after a few days I got a case worker.

The caseworker sent me a letter, requesting some documents. They wanted me to send in my German passport or ID card, my latest payslip, job contracts over the past three years and a complete record of my income of the past three years, which I had to order
from the tax office. My experience with the tax office has been not too pleasant .
So I immediately sent out the request for these papers .
I was very keen to send in all the documents as soon as possible. But it took a full week until I received the papers from the tax office. Same day I sent it off to Migrationsverket.

On the 10th of December, the status of my application changed to “a decision was made”. How exciting because it could still have been both, a yes or a no. Clicking on the status, I didn’t get to see WHAT decision it is. You have to wait for the letter… On the 16th I finally got the letter that confirmed my citizenship .

The adventure may continue…and it gets better and better 🙂

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