Homemade Skincare

With just a few marigold seeds we grew all those beautiful flowers.

And then I thought back to my grandmother, that used to make this magic lotion out of it. In her opinion it would heal EVERYTHING. 🙂

So I wanted to make this magic myself.

I started a few weeks ago by picking petals and pouring oliveoil over them. Then I left them for about three to four weeks. Every other day I lightly shook the glass, to make sure that all petals are covered in oil.

After a few weeks you seperate the oil from the petals after the marigold gave all its magic powers to the oil.

Next I mixed it with cocoabutter, coconutoil, vitamin E and candelillawax which is vegan option for beeswax. Weirdly my migraine gets triggered by beeswax so working with that was no option for me.

All the ingredients are simply put into a jar and then melted in hot water. Once everything is melted, I just ad to quickly pour it into the different container I purchased. I decided to use it as lip balm and normal lotion for dry skin on my hands and elbows.

It was really super easy and now I have my own skincare without any worries about the ingredients.

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