Design your own candle

I love love love candlelight. I think there’s nothing cozier. I investigated a little on Pinterest and YouTube to find out how you can design your own candle. In an uncomplicated way.

For this technique, I’m simply using a napkin with a pretty design. I cut the part out that I want to transfer on the candle. After cutting it is easy to just take off the first layer that has the print on. Most napkins have three layers. The best result you will get when you make sure that you only have one very thin layer.

Next, I put the napkin motive on the candle where I want it to be and then tight roll baking paper around the motive and the whole candle. When the baking paper is wrapped around tight enough, it will hold the motive in place. Now I just tape it together.

To melt the napkin into the candle, I heat it up with my hairdryer. Here I have to be very careful because I don’t want the candle to melt too much. Those parts where the motive melted nicely into the candle, the lines are darker, shine stronger through the baking paper.

After letting it cool down for a moment, I take off the baking paper and check if everything melted together nicely.


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