Brahmas is the name for the breed of chicken I chose. I think they are awesome! Right after the “Jersey Giant”, Brahma is the biggest chicken breed there is. But despite their size, they are calm and gentle giants.

The hens usually weigh around 4,0 – 4,5kg, roosters closer to 5kg.


You might think they also lay giant eggs then, but no. They lay normal sized chicken eggs. One reason they are not popular for the industry is that they are not very productive layers. A Brahma hen lays about 180 eggs per year. And eventhough a grown bird is good meat, they don’t grow fast enough to pay off. It takes them up to a year to be fully grown.

Good for them. This way only hobby enthusiasts keep them. 🙂

What makes them so fun for me is that they love attention, are easy to handle and can get quite attached to their owners ( well, lets say “feeders”). When they see us, or we call them, they come running. And it looks so dang funny when they run.

With their calm attitude they can be trusted with kids and other animals.

They are also easy to contain since their weight makes it challenging for them to fly. Another plus is that they are pretty quiet. Only a few times I heard them make noises. One time, Tusnelda was extremely proud of herself for laying an egg and felt that the world needs to know. And so we did then.

Let’s talk about their looks! They are beautiful. Their eyes are reddish-brown with a so called “beetle-brow” on top. Their legs and feet are feathered, which makes them have a very distinguished walk.

They love to forage, hunt for insects or eating clover. Clover and grasshoppers are their favorite things.

I’m still finding out what it takes to be a good chicken owner. Learning as I go and just simply enjoying their company.

Do you have chicken?

Any mind blowing tips you wish you would have known from the beginning?

Enlighten me! 🙂

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