Mandelmanns gård

2020 I discovered a swedish TV programme that I’m completely addicted to since then.

“Mandelmanns gård”

It started with me watching all seasons I missed so far and then longing for new episodes.

The programme is about a family that is running and creating this farm in the south of Sweden since 1996.

Since then they dug ponts, built greenhouses, grew all kinds of vegetables and fruits and have all those animals that belong on a farm.

Marie and Gustav Mandelmann are now filmed while sharing their knowledge about selfsufficient farming. All those things I want to learn, because I want to live my life like they do. Well, minus the cameras and all those visitors.

Their farm is open for visitors. Visitors like us. During summer, they were open from Monday to Friday. Now in late summer you can visit their farm from Friday to Sunday.

And what can I say…I’ve been there twice so far.

First time in summer. Words can not describe how happy I was. Walking there, experiencing all this. Seeing everythng with my own eyes, being able to touch the flowers and connect the dots. When you watch the TV show, you see a scene in the greenhouse here, a scene outside on the field there. But I couldn’t really imagine how it all belongs together. And then I walked there and behind every corner and every bush I recognized something and connected it to something I’ve seen on the show.

It’s incredible. They created a paradise. All these plants and trees and animals.

I think what I love most is their approach to reuse materials and be creative with what they got. No perfectionism, but instead creativity with a rustic charme. Wild in some corners, just leaving nature do its thing and then in other spots they create these magical spaces. Exactly how I love it.  They are artists. Both in very different ways, complementing each other.

Both times we went there, we met both, Gustav and Marie. Both times I’ve been absolutely star struck. 🙂 Silly me.

They just walk around working, because a life like this means a lot of work. We already feel that with our very small “farm” and they have 60 hectar to care for. Impressive.

One day…:)

It was definitely not the last time I went there. It’s a never ending source of inspiration for our own little farm.

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