What is a farm without chicken?

For so so many years I’ve been wanting chicken. About ten years ago I visited an animal park in Germany. “Arche Warder”. There they breed old breeds of farm animals. Those that don’t get held anymore because they are not “productive” enough for our societys needs today.

And there I fell in love. With Brahma chicken. Oversized chicken with feathers on their legs and feet.

Those I wanted since then.

When we moved into our new house, it was too cold to get chicken and the birdflu was going on. Following all those restrictions is too stressfull to start your journey as chicken owner. So we waited and took our sweet time to build our own chicken coop.

Building it from materials we already had at home. We were fortunate enough to have the big garage/workshop. All the building/painting happened in there.

But then…

…we had to get it out of there and over to the spot where it was supposed to be…

We definitely didn’t think that through. It was stressful and funny. Still in the middle of a pandemic, you don’t just call over friends and family to help you carry it.

NO, you do it all by yourself.

Luckily my boyfriend is a good problem solver. 🙂 and of course we made it.

Having a lot of foxes and big hungry birds out here where we live, we had to built a cosed off chicken run as well.

We had many ideas, but after moving houses and creating a vegetable garden out of nothing, not so much energy. So we bought a kit.

Taking it in our own pace, we put together the chicken run. Hopefully now all predator safe, we were ready for chicken.

We bought our four ladies and named them:

So exciting! The first three weeks we were just getting to know each other.

I trained them to come running when they hear a certain sound. I filled a tin box with sunflower seeds. I always shook the box right before feeding them. So now they can run free in our garden while we are outside as well. And when its time to go back to the chicken run, we don’t have to chase them down. We just rattle the box and they come running. They learned quickly and it is too funny to watch them.

Those chicken make us so happy and eating eggs from your own happy chicken is incredible.

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