New chapter

In December it’ll be a year since we moved into our new house.

A big step, moving from an fancy apartment in the city center to a small farm 20 mins out of town. My dream.

12.000 qm of land with a little red house (the one we live in now), a small white house (that one is rented out), a big garage with workshop, a little shed which houses my atelier and an open stall for animals.


The house is a lot smaller than our apartment was. But it’s all we need. We spend most of our time in the garden.

Since I started living by myself, I was dreaming of buying an old farm to be able to rescue animals.

But also to give those animals we already have a nice living space. Our little zoo grew quite a bit this past year. And all of our animals have their very own area.

Well, Mimi is still all over the place. And so are the cats. Yes!! We got cats as well. They actually kind of came with the farm. A package deal. 🙂 The previous owner was about to move into the city, where those two beautiful and independent boys would have had to be indoor cats for their own safety.

That seemed wrong since they grew up out here. So we agreed to take them and they are fantastic in keeping the mice away. Win-Win-Situation.

On December 1st we moved in. We spent our first christmas here. The winter felt long since we were extremely excited to start growing vegetables. Farmlife at its best.

I did what I always do. I planned. I wrote lists. I got antsy.

So here we were now. In our small swedish house. Waiting for the cold and dark winter to pass…

…waiting for spring…

…ready for new adventures…

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