Shine a light

A while ago I made this Make-up corner for myself.

In an unused corner of our apartment. But quickly I realized that the lighting is terrible for doing my makeup. So after a few weeks of trying different options, I ended up doing my makeup upstairs in front of a window. And the table that I made, was used for storage.


Two weeks ago then, I went for grocery shopping at Lidl and they had these lights that you can glue to surfaces, for example mirrors.

You know these theater mirrors with lamps along the sides. I looked them up, but they were too expensive for me.

So I totally bought them. For 200sek (20€). Then I went to Erikshjälpen and found a gorgeous round mirror for 80sek (8€). And together it turned out just beautiful.

The lights are dimmable and have three different settings. Cold light, warm light and daylight.

I use my make-up corner niw daily 🙂

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