Snail Mix Recipe

Some might think this post will be about a delicious escargo dish for humans…

Sorry, but no. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m super into the whole being a snail owner thing right now. Apparently they have certain favorite foods. There are things they love to eat and things they just leave.

And also, they need to have access to a proper balanced nutrition. For example their protein intake. I read a lot about so called “snail mixes”. People make and sell them. But after two days of research, I couldn’t find anyone selling it here in Sweden. And ordering it from the UK, would have cost a rediculous amount of shipping…

So I went to Youtube and found a channel that I got lost in for a couple of hours…

Jades Jungle

And she happened to film herself making her own snail mix.

Snail Mix

So I copied it. But I scaled it down quite a bit because I have only three snails and won’t be able to use it up in good time if I make the same amount she did.

Here the list of things I put in the blender:

100g of dog food (dry)

2g dried mealworms

1 g sesame seeds

1g lin seeds

1g sunflower seeds

1g pumpkin seeds

10g oats

And then I blend it fine. I chose to fill it into a glass that closes properly to hold it fresh.

To feed it to the snails, I take some of the powder, fill it in a shallow bowl and mix it with water until it’s a paste.

I offered it to my snails today for the first time. They were suspicious at first. I handfed some to Peanut and she went staight for the bowl after that, happily munching away.

3 Comments on “Snail Mix Recipe

    • My dog has a very sensitive stomach. So I’m using her grain-free sensitive dry food. It’s called ” Brit Care Mini Sensitive Grain Free”. My snails love it. And the ingredients are save if I didn’t miss something.


  1. I will definitely try this for my snails! Iโ€˜m sure they will love it, I just need to make a bit more because I have a lot of snails, to be exact 73 African giant snails. Thx for posting the recipe this will help me a lot!!! ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ˜Š


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