My little zoo…

I would if I could. Have a zoo I mean. I love taking care of animals. Observing them. Getting to know them and create a environment that they are happy and strive in.

Many people have their opinions to my passion for animals, but that is fine by me. I don’t expect anyone to understand what it gives me. I’m always happy when I find someone that shares that passion though.

But long story short, to our two budgies and the dog, we have a new addition to the family.

Three Giant African Land Snails. Their breed is called Lissachatina reticulata. They are beautiful. I’ve always had a fascination for snails. And then a while ago I got to know about those slow lovely giants.

My snails are seven month old and by now 11-12cm big (just their shell). When they are fully grown, they can be up to 20-22cm big.

They are fantasic. Their names are “Peanut”, “Butter” and “Jelly”. They have their own Instagram under the name “peanut_butter_jelly_snailwich” 😉

For now they live in a clear platic tub. It turned out quite nice, but it’s only temporary. I’m planning on building a proper terrarium for them. So stay tuned for the next DIY project. 🙂

But for now, I’m just getting to know them.

Some of my favorite shots:

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