Magical midsummer

As I mentioned in another post before, we decided to celebrate midsummer with a few friends. It became like a little tradition since we bought the summerhouse. Its been the third year now and it gets better each year.

It was so much fun and I was really happy with how the decoration turned out.

We fixed two tables to assure that everybody has enough space and we can still keep our distance during these uncertain times.

More tables meant more space to decorate for me 😉

We were really lucky with the weather. After everyone arrived around lunch time, we ate something and then went for a walk to collect flowers. It was time to make some traditional flower crowns. Also we decided to build our own may pole. Bigger than last year. Of course 😉

The rest of the day, we played Kubb, Klask, ate and just simply had a great time. When it was dark, we lit a lot of candles. It was magical. Can’t wait for next year! 🙂

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