Reviving old sunchairs

Another one of those attic treasures. What appeared to be just a pile of sticks in a dark corner, turned out to be sunchairs. Well, somewhat sunchairs. The wood was in bad shape and they had no fabric on. But I decided to change that.

We took it down, cleaned them and clipped off some old nails. Next it was time to measure and cut the fabric that we bought at Ikea. I’ve never made sunchairs. No idea how much it has to hang through to be comfortable…But I decided to just give it go.

The sewing was difficult since the chairs were fully mounted and I had to sew the fabric directly into the chair while holding up the entire frame. But I had some help for that.

Half way through the second chair my sewing machine started eating the thread…It was nerve wracking…

But I fixed it and it turned out good. Both boyfriend AND dog approved.

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