Low budget garden decoration for a wild garden

My favorite thing to do is to decorate our garden. And that without investing too much money. I challenge myself with using what we’ve already got. Since we have the summerhouse, we never throw away glassbottles and glasses. Because they are perfect vases and candleholders.

Here I used all my leftovers of hempstring to do some super simple and improvised macrame around small glassbottles to hang them in trees and fill them with flowers. Super simple but effectfull. Always makes me happy when they get hit by the sun.

Many years ago I got this little greenhouse from my mum. We forgot it out in the garden last winter and some of the glass broke. But its still beautiful. We had two odd flowers that we got in a sale that moved in here now. They don’t fit exactly, but I think that’s what I love most about it. I like it odd. The rest of the greenhouse I filled with rocks to make it attractive for insects to move in. Some of the rocks I decorated with colorful patterns.

This weird carrier on two wheels we found in the depth of the garden when we started digging up some bushes. Now it found use as a little table for candles, leaning on a tree. Further up I hung a little mirror candleholder. It needs to be windstill to keep the candle going and that rarely happens here. But it’s already a cute decoration without the candle being lit.

Those three things change the look of the garden quite a bit and together with the plants we bought it cost under 100kr (about 10€) altogether. If you like it wild and used and odd, you just have to use your imagination and you won’t really need money to have a beautiful garden.

If you have inspiration for me, I would be happy about some ideas in the comments 🙂

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