Ukulele Love

Half a year ago, my boyfriend bought a Ukulele for me. I was talking about playing an instrument for a while, but never really got started.

Now that Martin spent money on it, I felt the pressure to deliver some effort. 😉

He got me a beautiful Concert Ukulele. There are different types of Ukuleles:

Visa källbilden

(Source: )

Mine is a Concert Ukulele from Ortega. She is beautiful 🙂


So, since I got it, I tried to teach myself with the help of apps and Youtube. I started with easy songs and strumming exercises. I want to share a list of sources that helped me a lot to get started with it.





Youtube Channels: 

TenThumbs Productions



I also realized that I have a hard time practising with the tabs on my phone or computer. I’m getting easily distracted by incoming messages and notifications. So I bought a small notebook where I collect the handwritten tabs that I copy of the internet. That works well for me.


I know that I’m very fortunate when it comes to learning new things like languages or instruments. If I only stick with it. Sometimes I’m lacking stamina. But the Ukulele doesn’t bore me, even though it’s a big challenge and I can’t get the hang of some things. I practice at least 10-15 minutes every day. I have about six songs in my notebook that I play again and again to build up muscle memory in my fingers.

It’s funny sometimes how for several weeks it feels like I will NEVER be able to play a certain song or melody and then without me changing anything, I suddenly manage. I don’t change anything. You just have to do it again and again and again and eventually it will click. 🙂

I’m getting more and more confident about my skills. By now I even bring my Ukulele to work and play together with my students. Teach them simple songs or just play for them.

If you feel like you want to challenge yourself or always wanted to learn an instrument, I think the Ukulele is perfect for that. You can get quite cheap ones to start with and the current situation in this pandemic gives some of us more time to practise then ever.

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