Vertical Garden

Two years ago I had this beautiful that I decorated with plants and other things.

It was nice, but our Swedish weather took its toll. Also the wasps liked it a lot and had their nest in their last summer. And then it fell apart due to all the rain. So now we had this empty spot next to our deck.

And then my parents in law got a new kitchen delivert. That left them with some empty palettes. We took them to the summerhouse and after some Pinterest inspiration we decided to turn them into a vertical garden for our herbs.

Martin went straight to the construction work. It’s crazy how fast he turns my ideas into reality. He fastened floorboards under some of the rows, so that I could fill that space with soil. He fastened the whole construction on the wall so that it stands stable.

I had some yellow paint left that I used to upcycle our picknick table. And some blue paint from my mirror project. Both of them were just enough to paint the vertical garden. After painting, it had to dry for a day.

Afterwards I just simply filled it with soil and planted some thyme, dill, rosemary, tarragon, basil and parsley. That’s how it looked right after planting:

We have it running now for a few weeks and the herbs are growing beautifully:

Cooking is so much more fun now that I can just go out with a pair of scissors and cut some fresh herbs, happily growing in our own garden. 🙂

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