Social Life in times of Covid-19

I’m living in Sweden. Many of you probably know, that Sweden doesn’t nearly take as strict measures against Covid as other countries. My partner and I most likely already got infected and were forced to stay home for almost three weeks. We felt very sick, but were fortunate enough to only had to battle quite mild symptoms apart from the fever.

Why we can’t say for sure? Well, we don’t get tested here. 🙂 But on the other hand…what does it really help to know for sure until someone knows for sure that you’re immune after recovery.

But we take the pandemic very serious. I’m in daily contact with my family in Germany. Germany just now starts to release some of the restrictions. To me it feels almost Surreal to listen to how life feels in a partial lockdown. We never got there here. The government suggests different measures and trusts on peoples common sense.

Living in a city like Lund that is filled with students, I sometimes have my doubts, just looking at all the cafes and restaurants. They are packed with guests.

But the moment I start thinking about the different ways how governments handle this pandemic, I have to say that I am incredibly indicisive which one feels right to me. By now I feel like it won’t be possible to avoid that a majority of people has to get infected first, before the virus will slow down.

And I’m all up for trying to help our small businesses to survive this. We feel like we take part in that by ordering take away quite frequently.

But still, I don’t want to be the reason why people get sick. So I try to keep my social distance. Working in a quite big school, it is quite challenging during work hours. But in private I don’t struggle too much.

I’m an introvert. I like to be by myself. I enjoy meeting friends, but it is draining for me.

But even I feel like I need some socializing outside of work. I miss hanging out with friends. So, we started to meet up outside. Have some fun while keeping distance. The other week, we went to play Frisbee Golf with friends here in Lund. It was my first time and lets say…I’m not talented. 🙂 But that was not the point. It was so much fun and we still managed to keep distance.

Playing Frisbee Golf, we also talked about midsummer coming up soon. Last year we celebrated in our summerhouse garden. with the same friends we were playing frisbee now plus my best friend from Germany and her husband. It was magical. I had the best time.


We would like to do the same thing again. We feel like we will be able to keep our distance. Not being in a public space, not putting others people in risk. Our garden is surrounded by forest, nothing else. And still…I can’t help but feel slightly guilty about not being responsible enough to just skip this one midsummer party. But seriously, humans are social beings. It can’t be healthy to live so isolated.

Let’s also take care of our mental health. ❤

What are your thoughts on all that? How are you feeling? How are you coping?


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