“I was brought up to reuse things.” – Annabelle Selldorf

That awesome little house of ours got pretty much sold as it was. Meaning with all its flaws and little treaures.

We own this house for Three years now and step by stp, we make it ours.

But while doing that it is important to us to maintain the history of it.

Except of the bed, we didnt buy any new furniture but instead, used what was left behind or bought second hand. No matter which of those options, we still try to personalize the items.

I love to paint old funiture and turning them into something different and more me.

That White stool was living in the house long before we bought it.


Who knows who was sitting on it, what was stored on it.  But it for sure carried some of the houses history.

At Lidl i bought a set of acrylic hobby paint. Matt pastell tones. Those came to use here.

But first I sanded off the old paint to have a good base for the new paint.

After I wiped off the dust, I taped off half of the legs. I decided to paint the top part blue and the legs in a light yellow.

It took about three layers to reach a full coverage. Then I let it dry for the rest of the day.

Looking at it the next day, I found it still a Little boring. So I used one of my stencils to add a little mandala. That finished it off just fine. 🙂



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